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For Our Consumers

We’d like to think a bunch of things! 

Biia Brew is the first plant-based, customizable energy drink concentrate designed to be freshly mixed with seltzers, dairy, smoothies, and even alcohol.  It is plant-based, sugar-free, and has fewer than five caloriesca serving.  We cut out excess artificial ingredients in mainstream energy drinks and only included the good stuff: organic, green tea-based caffeine, L-theanine for focus, and a special blend of B-vitamins and minerals to offset common nutritional deficiencies.

We want a sip of Biia Brew to bring positivity, cheer, and energy into your day. We want to be the cheerleader to your MVP, whether that is setting a personal best run time, socializing with friends at the dog park, or dancing until close. Biia Brew is bright, upbeat, and social. We're at the ready to help you flourish and thrive.

We have a detailed list of cool plant-based milk, smoothie, and alcoholic recipes here, but our basic recipe is simple.

Add one shot of Biia Brew to 8 oz of plain soda water and gently stir - that's it!

(We don't recommend mineral water because it impacts the taste.)

We aimed to make Biia Brew just like espresso in terms of strength and mixability. These guidelines are rough approximations, but we find them helpful when deciding what experience we want to create:

1 oz (2/3rd serving) - 1 cup black tea - 53mg caffeine

1.5 oz (1 serving) - 1 espresso shot - 80mg caffeine

2 oz (4/3 serving) - 5 oz black coffee - 120mg caffeine

To keep you energized but not restless, our standard serving is 2/3 the strength of leading standard energy drink brands, which contain 120mg a serving.

We cut out the excess artificial, jitter inducing, and sugar crash causing ingredients to make a plant-based energy drink.  Some of our Power Plants include:

• Ginseng

• Organic, Green Tea Caffeine

• L-Theanine - the antioxidant from green tea that helps you focus!

You can read more about your ingredients here.

But we are here to be honest with you - only one ingredient in our Core line is not directly harvested or mined from a plant or mineral - sucralose. Sucralose is made from real sugar, but broken down so that it's mostly indigestible, giving you the taste of real sugar without the calories. It's been studied for over 40 years, top doctors consider it a perfectly safe substitute to sugar, and frankly, I thought it tasted the best. If you are looking for a 100% natural sweetener, please wait for our Biia Brew Organic line coming in 2023. We had to start somewhere!

We hope not! If you are a regular coffee drinker, Biia Brew may actually be a more focused experience because our blend of caffeine and L-theanine supports focus to help you perform your best.  At 80mg a serving vs. 120mg in a cup of black coffee, you might need two servings to fully wake up in the AM.

If you are new to caffeinated beverages or only drink sodas and green tea, then do not worry! Biia Brew has 53mg of caffeine per oz, so pur yourself a small shot, and you'll have as much caffeine as in a black tea.

Absolutely!  Here’s why:

Biia Brew uses only natural colors and natural flavors to make a plant-based energy drink designed to support your health and your happiness. By ditching all but one artificial ingredient (sucralose, made from real sugarcane processed so that it loses its net carbs), Biia Brew is a much cleaner source of energy than comparable energy drinks on the market. Our added vitamins and minerals are designed to support performance and cheer your mood, and Biia Brew entirely sugar free to help you maintain even energy levels throughout the day.

Fewer than five! We use a special sweetener blend so that you can save room for whole, real food during the day (or that extra happy hour with friends after work).

Unlike most companies, we are a legal public benefit corporation. Biia Brew is dedicated to offering better-for-you, environmentally friendly, great tasting beverages while nurturing the social welfare and economic prosperity of local communities.  We pay our team members a living wage, offer 401ks and health insurance to all employees and donate 1% of profits to a charity voted on by all team members.  Biiabrew is committed to promoting health and happiness to all members of our community.

For our Cafe and Bar Partners

While consumers love an energy boost, many do not always want the bitter flavor of a black coffee or the richness of a caramel latte. Consumers are increasingly turning to fruit flavored energy drinks to fulfill their energy needs. In fact, one café chain identified this need and IPO-ed for over $5bn in 2021 – Dutch Bros Coffee makes 25% of revenues from their own, non-canned energy drink offering. In fact, Dutch Bros sells more energy drinks in the afternoon than coffee beverages.

You too can stand out against competition by offering Biia Brew’s Instagrammable, custom, freshly made energy drinks. Custom energy drinks will bring more traffic to your location, increase revenues, and generate buzz for your business.

Are you a café? Craft coconut milk energy lattes or vanilla cream energy cold foams to offer a sweeter drink for your customers and help convince them that shopping local is just as good as the artificial sweet beverages served at the major coffee chains.

Are you a bar? Try this one recipe and you'll be convinced you need this on your menu - 1 shot of vodka, 4 oz of soda water, and 1 shot of Biia Brew. You can't taste the alcohol, and your vodka soda consumers will thank you.

The average young professional does not regularly want a highly processed, sugar-loaded drink like Monster, but a premium, health-focused beverage with flavor. Serving a canned energy drink is like serving a bottled cola – maybe a couple of your consumers will want one, but they will help you stand out against competition.

Biia Brew is the first plant-based energy drink concentrate on the market. Our colorful, custom energy drinks are designed for your consumer, made with cafes, bars, and gyms in mind. Unlike a processed canned energy drink, Biia Brew is designed to be freshly mixed onsite similar to adding a syrup to a coffee drink or a shot of liqueur to a cocktail. With Biia Brew, you can create a range of highly Instagrammable energy lattes, cold foams, and cocktails to create a one-of-a-kind, unique experience your customers truly cannot get anywhere else. Biia Brew is built for your clientele: aspirational, fitness conscious, hard-working individuals who want a premium, Instagrammable product to boost their day.

Our sales team will partner with you to create a custom, co-branded menu of Biiabrew beverages built for your location. We will provide a branded Biiabrew display for your location, attracting attention and differentiating you from competitors. You will need some way to carbonate the classic beverages; if you do not have a carbonator, for the first 60 days, we will provide you with a Sodastream and pay for a 60 day supply of CO2 to test out our product. You then order the flavors you would like to serve (we recommend at least two since people have very specific tastes), and we will have a sales rep train your employees in how to make the beverages. Then, we just ask that you promote our combined Biiabrew offering on social media. We’ll promote you, too, by adding you as a partner on our website and marketing your business on our social media channels, including paid Instagram advertising.

Very easy! One shot of Biia Brew equals one shot of espresso or one standard serving of simple syrup, so just substitute it in to any espresso or cocktail recipe as you see fit.

In fact, Biia Brew takes us less us time to make than an espresso beverage (we timed it), so you can reduce customer wait time and increase your sales.

Biiabrew is a custom energy drink formula built for your consumer: the hard-working, health conscious, aspirational young professional. In a market like New York City, per serving, we recommend a retail price of $5.00 for a 12oz classic brew. We aim to keep your margins as high or higher as they would be for your espresso beverages, so please contact sales for our suggested price guide.

Please email us at to discuss a potential partnership. Our sales team looks forward to speaking with you!

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